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The Sheikhani group is a living, breathing hive of spirited bees. Read about the lives of those running the Sheikhani Group; who they are, their lives, and what we’re doing to make a difference.

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Our Story

Building a Legacy of Excellence with the Heart of Sheikhani: Its People

At the Sheikhani Group, we value you the most. It is our honor to recognize and cherish the efforts of our people. We know that their unwavering dedication and ambitious drive have contributed to our company's success and made us who we are today.

On the same note, the satisfaction and contentment of our customers is our topmost priority. Being a people-centered organization, we put the highest value on the humans who have built Sheikhani, for we would be nowhere without them.


Individuals & Families

We stand behind the people who make us who we are.

Workplace equity

We firmly believe that one person is not better or less than the other. Thus Sheikhani Group ensures workplace equity.


At Sheikhani, giving back to the community isn't just personal, it's a collective effort to strengthen bonds and create a better world for all.


Sheikhani Group recognizes the importance of incorporating sustainable practices for a better future for the planet.


We acknowledge our job as citizens of this world in making responsible choices for future generations.

Women empowerment

There is no limit to what women can accomplish. We know that the secret to success is letting women take the lead!


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