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Our Approach

Our Approach

Sheikhani Group's strategy is to expand its goals of economic development, proprietary ownership, and refined standards to set a new standard of deliberate value to the novelty retail, entertainment, food service, and energy businesses.

By providing a variety of structured enterprises from the ground up we employ forward-thinking operational standards built on omnichannel business models with the aim of consistent success that our partners, clients, and customers can rely upon.


Retail & Ecommerce

Flagship vape and novelty business across 150 locations.

Food and Beverage

Multiple locations of convenience food and restaurant chain across Texas.

Energy and Petroleum Stations

Big giants like Shell, Chevron, and many others have trusted Sheikhani Group services.

Equity Firms and Philanthropy

Acquiring and managing private firms, supporting non-profits with resources.


Offering a unique delivery network.

Consumer Products

Specialized in various consumer products

Our many years of experience

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